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Welcome to the Community Eye Care website. We can help you search for all the best and most up to date information and service providers for all your local community eye care needs. The sense of sight is an indispensable tool and an immeasurable blessing for those who have it. A nearly sightless man, for example, has to wage a daily battle with his disability in order to survive. All of us must take excellent care of our eyes and ensure that our capacity to see does not diminish over the years.

Eyes are not just meant for seeing, either. They can speak volumes too. Batting your eyelashes is just one expressive gesture. Eyes are the windows to your soul, as a wise man once said. So do take care of them. Large eyes, with layers of dark circles around them are not pretty. Small, bright eyes are. Although make-up can take care of the way your eyes look for a short while, for lasting beauty, you should resort to expert care.

Scottish eye care 'has improved'
There have been improvements made when people are seeking eye treatment in Scotland, new research has highlighted.

Making regular eye appointments with an optician on your high street or at your local hospital is one of the most important pieces of eye care advice you can get. Your eyes have to strain and make adjustments in order to see as well as time passes and your vision naturally deteriorates. Straining such as this can cause you to get headaches as well as decrease your ability to adjust to light. Whatever condition your eyes are in it is vital that you make sure you have the correct prescription for your eyes. If you want to know more about Community Eye Care, please contact us.

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